Emergency and evacuation lighting

Polarislighting has a full range of emergency lighting: sign lighting; anti-panic and evacuation lighting; central and autonomous systems, etc. We do not compromise on your safety: excellent visibility, optimal light distribution and reliable electronics ensure that you find the safest escape route even in the most difficult circumstances. Emergency luminaires consist of two main categories. On the one hand, lighting fixtures with pictograms for safety signs. On the other hand, lighting fixtures for emergency lighting, with a difference between emergency road lighting and panic lighting. Safety signs require specific lighting fixtures. Several solutions are possible for an evacuation route and anti-panic lighting. These luminaires are specially designed for escape routes and / or anti-panic lighting. Photometric optimization allows luminaires to be installed at long intervals, so only a limited number are needed to ensure compliance with the standard. The luminaires are equipped with specific electronics for optimal starting (and therefore long service life) of the lamp and low energy consumption.