Supermarket Bogat Beden

Polaris Lighting delivers interior and exterior lighting for Bogat Beden supermarket in the village of Barzia

Polaris Lighting delivered complete interior lighting for the Bogat Beden supermarket in the village of Barzia. In the exterior you will see a park luminaire INFINITY, which can be made on an individual project. It is powder coated according to RAL. The maximum height at which it is offered is 5 meters. The possibilities for installation are both with an anchor group and by digging into the ground 1 meter. The interior features lighting fixtures for three-phase bus. One of them is TARGET - lighting for shops, warehouses, galleries, shops and other premises. Its main advantages are high light output, low glare and the ability to direct. It is made of aluminum (powder coated) with moisture resistance IP21. In the project you can also see FOCUS - LED floodlight for lighting supermarkets, showrooms, shops and galleries. And the focus of the project is TUBE - a stylish lighting fixture designed for shops, offices and galleries. The TUBE 30 FOOD model, which has LED technology for lighting fruits and vegetables, has been specially selected.
"Properly selected lighting in the supermarket can help sales growth. Fruits and vegetables look shiny and fresh, the quality of the products makes them irresistible to customers. This is a long-term investment, which undoubtedly has a return and we strive to be relevant in this type of proposals, "said Polaris Lighting.