Office Entain Bulgaria

Introducing the Entain office, an impressive space designed in compliance with SGI International that brings together innovative design and functionality in a modern and work-friendly environment.

Office lighting is a key element of interior design. For this purpose, S-Line 48 linear lighting fixtures were used, which were customized to emphasize the uniqueness of the space and improve the functionality of the workstations. These fixtures provide clearer and more efficient lighting while contributing to the office's modern aesthetic. The LED moons for installation HELIOS and the LED moons for outdoor installation OSMO are an additional highlight in the office space. They create a cozy atmosphere, but at the same time provide adequate lighting of the working spaces.

The ceiling of the office is lined with baffle-type acoustic panels. They not only create a stylish visual composition, but also improve the acoustic characteristics of the space, reducing the echo and creating a comfortable working atmosphere.

Or in the simplest words - the Entain office design is a bold and innovative solution that combines modern materials and technologies to create a work environment that is inspiring, ergonomic and suitable for long working hours.