LED strips, drivers and Aluminium profiles for them

The LED strip is a flexible board with LEDs on it, which you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightnesses. You can cut the ribbon every few inches, allowing you freedom in design without worrying about space requirements. LED strips are flexible and can be bent up to 90 degrees. This allows you to add light to places that were previously considered impossible. LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors and color change options. LED strips can be installed in very tight spaces and can be easily hidden from view. The back of the tape is equipped with a strong 3M tape that allows you to peel off and stick lights on many different surfaces. Our LEDs can be adjusted and are compatible with most home automation systems, wall dimmers and remote dimmers. You have complete control over your LEDs. Additional environmental protection with class IP65 or IP68 (dust / water resistant) can be added.