3 circuit track systems

The circuit track systems includes three live copper conductors running along its entire length. These wires allow three lighting circuits to be individually switched or dimmed in the same installation. When you add a light fixture to the rail or want to change its role, you connect it to one of the three circuits by turning. This dynamic system allows unlimited fine tuning of the light, which is a great advantage in any showroom. With the mechanical fixation, all modules can be easily installed, moved and directed into the profile without the need for tools. There are different types of three-phase systems and lighting fixtures that provide maximum flexibility in projects installed on walls, ceilings or a combination of both. The intelligent three-phase system can be installed vertically or horizontally on walls or ceilings, with a choice of options for outdoor, built-in and hanging installation. With an integrated power supply circuit, it needs LED slots as light sources. This linear system can accept a variety of lighting options simultaneously, including floodlights, linear diffused lights, adjustable linear lights and fixed linear lights. All these lights can be positioned and moved in the rails without tools, thanks to the mechanism.