About us


Light where it is needed,
when needed and
as much as needed!

Polaris Lighting Ltd. is one of the most modern, dynamically developing and innovative companies for production and trade in lighting equipment in Bulgaria. The company is characterized by a lasting presence in the market for more than 20 years. It is proven by professional service, extremely high quality work and fast deliveries. Today in the city of Varna are located the central office and showroom of the company, where you will be greeted by teams of professionals in the field of economics and engineering.

Creating a space is like telling a story.

Every detail contributes to the overall picture. Even unnoticed, our luminaires play a significant role. Change of perception, management of the atmosphere. Clean design and simplicity make them discreet but effective at the same time. You can always count on us.

In an effort to always be one step ahead of competing companies, the Polaris Lighting Department offers in its showrooms not only a variety of lighting, but also detailed technical advice on its most suitable application. Photometric computer designs offer technically sound lighting solutions for even the most specific requirements.
Life is too short to give up your comfort.

There is a reason for the comfort of your favorite places. Every day we look for new and better lighting solutions to enable designers with the best skills to organize the well-deserved comfort of users. Come with us. Make your ideas visible.
The constant stocks provide the specialists from the design and consulting departments with freedom in designing and offering several lighting options.

Vision and values

Our philosophy is to maintain the vision of the company as a modern company that actively identifies trends in the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of lighting. The goal of Polaris Lighting Department is to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers, and for this purpose we approach each of them individually. Polaris Lighting Department products meet all the necessary requirements and expectations for effective lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces - banks, offices, hotels, hospitals, sports centers, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial sites, parks and gardens, highways, streets and spectacular architectural lighting.

Polaris Lighting Department is able to offer a comprehensive solution for any task in the field of lighting technology, including:

Here you can find a wide variety of lighting fixtures such as LED aluminum profiles, LED moons, exterior and facade lighting, street and park lamps, industrial and explosion-proof lighting, emergency and evacuation, LED strips and transformers, motion and presence sensors, .